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Tip of the day: multiple droid devices and Google Latitude

Friday, June 22nd, 2012 by

Since a few weeks Google Latitude, which my ex and i use quite a bit to coordinate our shared dog-sitting responsibilities, has been acting a bit flaky, often showing me at home when i have not been at home, and unable to locate my ex at all (even though she’s logged in via her phone). At first i figured it was a Google-side glitch and would be resolved soon. A few days later i began to suspect that my mobile network carrier (which my ex had switched to at about the same time the problems started) had started blocking (or had otherwise broken) network-based geolocation. As the old song says, though, “it’s my own damned fault.”

A couple nights ago both my phone and tablet beeped simultaneously as a mail arrived, and then it hit me: my new tablet was also logged in, i had explicitly configured it to stay online even when in sleep mode, and… the problems with Latitude had started at about the time i got the tablet. Hmmm….

After reconfiguring the tablet to disable wifi when sleeping, Latitude can once again find me (i.e. my phone) as long as the tablet is not online (which it “shouldn’t be” unless i’m at home using it!).

The moral of the story is: don’t lie to Latitude and it won’t lie to you.

Happy Hacking!

—– stephan beal

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