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How the HELL does one order a Nexus 7?

Thursday, September 6th, 2012 by

Google Play has no way for me to report bugs there, so i’ll just bitch and moan here (that’s what a personal blog is for!)…

The past 48 hours i’ve tried repeatedly to order a Nexus 7 from Google Play and i get only a “sorry, technical error” message every time i click on the “check-out” button. i’ve tried 7 browsers (Dolphin and the stock browser on Jellybean, Firefox on Jellybean and Ubuntu 11.10, Chrome on Jellybean, ICS, Ubuntu 11.10 AND Ubuntu 12.04) on 4 different operating systems (ICS, Jellybean, Ubuntu 11.10 on i32, and Ubuntu 12.04 on x64), and every one of them either shows me the same error or just fails to do anything without any error (that’s you, Firefox for Android).


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