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Tip of the day: Amazon App Store from outside the U.S.

Saturday, October 27th, 2012 by

Only yesterday i discovered that even though i live in Germany, where i cannot content from amazon.com, i can still buy Android apps (legitimately) from amazon.com by using their App Store application. Why would one want to do that when the Google Play store has such a rich selection of apps? Because Amazon has some which Play does not, for example the Aralon RPG.

Instructions for installing the Amazon App Store app are here: English or German


  • The Amazon App Store is (from what i understand) only available in the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany.
  • The Amazon App Store app is dog slow, especially on my tablet (it’s a bit faster on my phone, with half the number of CPUs).
  • Its structure makes it difficult to browse through the long list of apps. It’s much easier to browse them on a desktop machine and then search (by name) for the ones you want via the Android app.
  • The download mechanism does not tie in cleanly with the Android OS. Insofar as i can tell, the Amazon app must stay open while an app is downloading or else the download can get interrupted. When i downloaded Aralon it got interrupted about 80% of the way in and i had to start all over. It’s kind of like using old DOS programs for downloads: while its downloading, just stare at the screen and wait for it to finish. It also does not create shortcuts on the home screen after installation.
  • Many of the apps in this store are only available for various Kindle devices. Oh, well.
  • App prices sometimes differ between this store and Google Play – be sure to check both before buying!


Have fun!

—– stephan beal

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