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Grokking the ListAdapter, Part 1 of N

June 15th, 2012 by

Here’s my first published tip regarding Android development…

i admit it – my first 4 or 5 days with Android i simply could not understand how to use the ListView and the related Adapter classes. i kept having to add 1 or 2 levels of containers between my data and the list view, and kept thinking, “certainly this is not intended to be so painful!” Finally, after hours of reading through example after example demonstrating SimpleAdapter and friends, i came across a comment post somewhere (now lost) which demonstrated a very simple anonymous subclass of ┬áBaseAdapter (far simpler than the jumping-through-hoops demonstrated by most examples i had seen). The following demonstrates a real live function (not a contrived example) which demonstrates how to use the ListAdapter:

Day 1…

June 15th, 2012 by

It took me several weeks to decide on a content back-end for my new Android-specific subdomain. After much internal debate i decided i don’t want to maintain the software myself, and went for the old tried and true WordPress. (Ironically, i ended up having to edit two of the plugins to suit my needs.)

android.wanderinghorse.net is the future dumping-ground of my Android-related materials. As of June 15, 2012 i have been programming in Android for about… 7 days. Nonetheless, it’s already clear that something has to be done about the poor state of example Android software on the net, and the intention is to post articles and working examples of common tasks for topics where the docs found by Google are useless or downright wrong. i.e. any part of Android i have to fight with to get working will likely be documented here.

Anyway… until that content starts getting put online (i have some lined up, just need to get the energy to post them), here’s a link to my first Android app, a niche-market piece called “Hex Grid Renderer,” which draws hexagon grids using a variety of options:



Happy Hacking!

—– stephan beal