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No longer maintained

February 25th, 2017 by

Hi, all,

since late 2014 a “protruded disc” in my back has partially disabled my left hand and reduced my programming ability to very near zero. Thus all but a very small number of my open source projects are now unmaintained (and the “maintained” ones only get patches for problems reported by users).

This blog, initially intended for posting about Android development, is no longer maintained.

If anyone would like to take over the source code for HGR, it is available at:


—– stephan beal

HGR v20130921 released

September 21st, 2013 by


A new HGR is upon us. As always, it can be downloaded for free (and ad-free) from Google Play:


The changes for the past couple of days include:

- Minor layout improvements. Load/Delete are now only enabled if there is something to load/delete.

- Minor robustness improvements when applying changes causes an exception.

- Minor improvements in German translations.

- Added a basic toolbar. It is off by default but can be toggled via the menu.

- Added rudimentary mechanism for removing saved grid profiles.
- Added menu option which shows the export path.


Have fun!

—– stephan beal